Guidelines for Preparing and Delivering Oral Presentation

The duration of talks is limited to 10 minutes. Please respect the assigned duration and allow a few minutes afterwards for questions. Presenters exceeding this limit will be asked to end their presentation early.


• Please make sure that your PowerPoint presentation is saved in a fully compatible mode with Windows 7 to avoid problems when opening your document on different computers. 
• Please arrive early on the day of your presentation (according to the Conference programme) to allow for your presentation to be transferred to the computer and tested, in order to avoid any problems.

General guidelines for PPT presentations:

• The presentation should be a .ppt or .pptx file. 
• The text of the PPT presentation should be English 
• All texts must be translated to a professional standard 
• The first slide of the PPT presentation should include the name(s) of the author(s), name(s) of mentor(s), presentation title in English, name of Faculty and University in English. Include ‘14th International Conference of Conservation and Restoration Studies, Zagreb April 20th – 22nd 2017’ at the bottom of the slide. 
• Use font size of 24 to 32 points, to allow all people in the lecture hall to be able to read your text. 
• We recommend using standard San-Serif fonts, Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, Tahoma etc., which are also easiest to read and allow for better sharing and opening on different computers. We also recommend using the same type of font, and being consistent in using different font sizes for titles and text. 
• We recommend a consistent background colour throughout the presentation. Be it light or dark, pay attention to the colour of your text so to achieve good contrast, and allow for easier reading. 
• Photographs should be of adequate resolution, follow the topic of the slide and help illustrate what the speaker is saying. 
• Include References/Bibliography on the slide before last. 
• Save the last slide for acknowledgements, and include the author’s contact e-mail.

Useful advice:

• The presentation should include: 
    > Introduction (introducing the speaker and the topic of the presentation) 
    > Overview of the contents of the presentation/talk 
    > Elaboration of the topic 
    > Conclusion/summary 
    > References/Bibliography 
    > Acknowledgement 
• At the beginning of the presentation it is recommended to give a short overview of the contents of the presentation/talk. List only the main parts, and follow them in order. 
• The text on the slides should be reduced to the essential, and written as notes, not full sentences. Include 4-5 notes per slide and left alignment. 
• We recommend going through 1-2 slides per minute of presentation. 
• Use graphs instead of numeric tables, as they are more comprehensive and descriptive. Be sure to include a title. 
• Don’t overdo it with animations. 
• Don’t overflow the slide with information. 
• Engage the audience with content, not animations and presentation style.

We kindly ask that you respect the guidelines.