Conservation and Restoration of St. Nicholas Icon

SUMAHER posterAuthors: Viktor Šumaher
Co-author Tijana Lazić, MA, Assistant Professor
Mentor: Mina Jović, Assistant Professor

Department of Conservation and Restoration, Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade (Serbia)
Study program: Conservation and Restoration
Specialization: Sculptures and Archeological Objects (1st year of Master's programme)

The poster represents the conservation and restoration of the St. Nicholas icon from a private collection, which is believed to be Russian. The press on copper sheet technique is used for oklad, a portrait with the hands of St. Nicolas, in colour graphics. Copper oklad is a functional object used to cover painted layers on an icon. It can also be used as a protective layer preventing darkening caused by burning candles and wax dripping. The wooden panel on the back is used as support for the icon. The process of restoration and conservation of copper sheets and wooden panels is presented on the poster, whereas conservation and restoration of colour graphics were performed by Professor Assistant MA Tijana Lazic. Existing reliable sources have been used to single out the best conservation treatment methods. In consultation with the mentor and other assistants on this project, all selected methods mentioned in the text above have been systematically tried out and tested. Some segments have been mechanically cleaned, but with previous application of solvent, the intent is to soften or remove surface filth. Chemical cleanings have been performed using suggested treatments specialized for the material we have been treating. Considering that the thickness of the copper sheet is 0.2 mm, the restoration process of missing pieces was most demanding both in the selection of treatments and in completion. The wooden panel had a full-length vertical crack, whereas the copper sheet had multiple bent areas and multiple tiny missing pieces.

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Short biography
VIKTOR ŠUMAHER was born in Šabac on June 13th, 1995. As a child, he expressed strong interest in arts and after he had finished primary school, he enrolled in the School of Applied Arts in Šabac. As a high-school student, he has participated in multiple solo and group exhibitions. After finishing his Bachelor studies in the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Sculptures and Archaeological Objects in 2018, he enrolled in the Masters studies of the same faculty. In 2018 he participated in conservation and restoration colony "Staro selo" in Sirogojno.

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