Conservation and Restoration of Three Marble Segments from the Throne of Metropolitan Silvester

MIRKOVIC posterAuthor: Nina Mirković
Mentor: Mina Jović MA, Assistant Professor

Department of Conservation and Restoration, Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade (Serbia)
Study programme: Conservation and Restoration
Specialization: Sculptures and Archaeological Objects (4th year of study)

Three marble segments of the Throne of Metropolitan Silvester are part of Post-Byzantine Art Collection at the National Museum of Serbia under curator Branka Ivanić MA, who is the museum adviser. The Throne was founded at the Relja's Gradina cite, near the monastery of Saint Varvara and dates from the XVI/XVII century. The segments were found covered with calcification deposits and impurities that penetrate into the objects. Technical drawings, photo documentation and photographs with a USB camera of the segments' damages were made. The segments have not been published and are currently being processed by archaeologists for positioning into the Throne. After all segments were dry cleaned, chemical cleaning with different solutions was conducted, depending on the type of impurities. Removal of calcification was conducted with an ultrasonic scaler, mechanically. The restoration was implemented on one segment, where missing parties emerged after reassembling three fragments. The restoration was completed with color blending in relation to the original. Documentation of the entire conservation and restoration process was submitted to the National Museum of Belgrade, along with the object.

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Short biography
NINA MIRKOVIĆ was born in Belgrade on October 9th, 1995. She finished the School for Design, after which she enrolled at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Sculptures and Archaeological Objects. She volunteered at the Institute of Nautical Archaeology in Turkey and in the National Museum of Serbia. After graduation, she plans to enrol in Master's Studies of Conservation. She aspires to acquire more experience to improve her professional skills.

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