The Sixteenth Conference


////////// Dubrovnik, April 11– 13, 2019

_oral presentations
Anastasiia Berezina (Saint Petersburg), Traditional and Modern Techniques of Copying Oil Paintings
Valentina Meštrić (Zagreb), The Influence of Gamma Radiation on the Binders in Paint Layers
Ana Sterle (Ljubljana), Aesthetic Presentation of the Overpainted Baroque Painting of the Mater Dolorosa by Marko Layer
Erica Sartori (Ljubljana), Uncovering the History of a Polychrome Wooden Reliquary from the National Gallery of Slovenia: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Sara Vladić and Arin Zakinja (Dubrovnik), Modifying of a Display Mannequins for Ethnographic Costumes
Karmen Đanić and Valnea Gjivić (Dubrovnik), Conservation-Restoration Treatments on Drawing,
Katarina Milosavljević (Belgrade), Conservation of Bronze Structural Decorated Elements from Ancient Roman Chariot from the Collection of the National Museum in Belgrade
Paul Schubert (Vienna), Conservation of an Early Iron Age Vessel with Tin Foil Decoration from Strettweg, Styria
Darko Markunović i Ante Šimunović (Dubrovnik), Methods for Determining Chloride Concentrations in Solutions
Andrea Šafran (Zagreb), ISA Student Practice in Orlamünde
Magdalena Drobnjaković (Belgrade), Transposition of Portable Wall Painting from the Fund of Studenica Monastery
Ira Fabrio (Dubrovnik), Practical Experience Example of Conservation-Restoration Treatment Proposal, Offer and Cost Estimate

Ana-Marija Lučić and Ema Bonomi (Split), Conservation and Restoration Works on the Antique Marble Sculpture of an Empress from the Archaeological Museum in Zadar
Nina Mirković (Belgrade), Conservation and Restoration of Three Marble Segments from the Throne of Metropolitan Silvester
Vana Ribarović (Split), Influence of Organic Materials on the Corrosion of Metals
Luka Krešimir Stipić and Andrea Šafran (Zagreb), Detective Work of Conservators and Restorers
Viktor Šumaher (Belgrade), Conservation and Restoration of St. Nicholas Icon
Leona Džaja, Andrea Lacković, Leonarda Miletić, Nađa Tomašević and Lucija Vrdoljak (Split), Wood identification of two polychromed baroque candle holders by using and analysing the cross-section of the wooden support
Paula Cvjetković, Lucija Fišter, Dora Ljubica, Helena Mozara and Jovana Vučetić (Dubrovnik), Oleographs: Retouching
Lara Železnik (Ljubljana), Conservation-Restoration of 19th Century Paintings from the Brdo Castle near Kranj
Viktorija Pilon, Caroline Dalhed and Julia Németh (Dubrovnik), 4 Universities 4 Konavle: Implementing collection care project – Stage 1

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Compiled by Sagita Mirjam Sunara (Department of Conservation-Restoration, Arts Academy of the University of Split). Conference poster and Book of Abstracts courtesy of Ira Fabrio (University of Dubrovnik, Art and Restoration Department). / Updated: April 8, 2021.