Wood to gold, the appliance of metal leaves to wooden surfices

mastruko-posterAuthor: Nika Maštruko
Mentor: Andrej Aranicki, MA, Associate Professor

University of Zagreb, Academy of Fine Arts (Croatia)
Integrated study programme: Conservation and Restoration of Art
Specialization: Conservation-restoration of paintings, 3rd study year  

As part of a curriculum of a course Conservation and restoration of polychrome wooden sculptures at OKiRU, a poster was made to present the process of mechanical gilding on wooden surfaces. The poster depicts techniques as well as materials used in water gilding or burnished gilding, oil-gilding or matt gilding and appliance of metal leaves using “gilders water” to achieve semi-burnished finish. To gild the wooden substrate a variety of metal leaves was used, including golden, silver, aluminum and schlagmetal leaves. Furthermore, the poster contains methods of preserving gilded surfaces, primarily those coated with silver but applicable to gold as well which include variety of protective coats, lacquers, varnishes and patinas. Moreover, methods of decorating gilded surfaces with coats and antique glazes are also presented as well as techniques of punching and incising.



Short biography
NIKA MAŠTRUKO was born in Zagreb October 25th 1992. From young age she participated in various art workshops and projects. After finishing her grammar school education she enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb at the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Art where she is currently attending 3rd year of her study. Aside from her Academic studies, she is an active athlete and a crossfit competitor. Furthermore, she is a Student representative of the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Art, representative of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb at the Student Committee of University of Zagreb as well as the president of the Student assembly of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.