Solving secrets of two 17th century portraits; research on Anthony van Dyck artworks

selerowicz-posterAuthor: Anna Selerowicz
Mentor: Iwona Szmelter, Professor

Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (Poland)
Study programme: Conservation-Restoration of Works of Art
Specialization: conservation-restoration of easel paintings and polychromed wooden sculptures, 7th study year 

The multidisciplinary studies of two women portraits attributed to Anthony van Dyck were part of the conservation-restoration project. Portrait of unknown women and Portrait of Sebastian's Leerse second wife, from the National Museum in Gdańsk are both easel paintings. They are en trois quarts composition, in Italian-Spanish costumes. Number of analysis was conducted. IR shows alla prima paintings and X-ray analysis revealed large differences in chiaroscuro modelling. The primer of each painting is: in first-greyish (indicating Genoese period of Van Dyck’s output), in the second–white and red (Antwerp). The paintings are in a mixed technique: oil and casein tempera. Portrait of unknown women was created on canvas, later pasted on oak support. The painting was restored earlier in non-professional way. We have found similar portrait of Genoese aristocrat Elena Grimaldi-Cattaneo. The Portrait of Sebastian's Leerse second wife impresses with subtle glazes skill to model. The image is considered as author’s replica. Results of multidisciplinary research revealed the provenance, materials and techniques typical for Anthony van Dyck’s Genoese and Antwerpian period.



Short biography
ANNA SELEROWICZ was born in Warsaw, February 9th 1986. In 2007 she began studies at the Faculty of Conservation-Restoration of Works of Art in Warsaw. She studied simultaneously second faculty and obtained bachelor's degree in Biology. She is a member of an artistic group called Studio N22. At present she is a student of a final year at the Faculty of Conservation-Restoration of Works of Art.