Preventive Conservation in the Church of St. Joseph (Lazarus) on the Island of Čiovo: The short version

nizetic-posterAuthor: Josip Nižetić
Mentor: Sagita Mirjam Sunara, Assistant Professor

University of Split, Arts Academy in Split (Croatia)
Integrated Undergraduate/Graduate Program in Conservation-Restoration 
2nd year

This poster describes a preventive conservation project in the Church of St. Joseph (St. Lazarus) on the island of Čiovo, undertaken in the academic year 2012/2013 as a one-day practical activity in the course Introduction to Conservation-Restoration of Easel Paintings and Polychrome Wood 2.
The collection of moveable objects of the Church of St. Joseph comprises over one hundred objects, most of which are stored in the attic of the church. As the project had no budget, only basic preventive conservation measures were undertaken. The attic was thoroughly cleaned. The objects were dusted, surface dirt was removed and the paint stabilized. The objects were photographed and then neatly stored on new wooden shelving.



Short biography
JOSIP NIŽETIĆ is a student of the second year of Conservation-Restoration at the Arts Academy in Split. He attended the Stone Mason School in his hometown Pučišća, Brač, and was one of the best pupils. Before enrolling in the Arts Academy, Josip spent his summer vocations working in a masonry workshop to improve his skills. He plans to specialize in conservation-restoration of stone objects.
Josip loves music: he is a member of the a capella singing group Klapa Volat and of the Brassčuta orchestra. He is also a member of PUomPO, a group of young people who organize public events in Pučišća.