Preventive Conservation in the Church of St. Joseph (Lazarus) on the Island of Čiovo

milic-k-posterAuthor: Karmen Milić
Mentor: Sagita Mirjam Sunara, Assistant Professor

University of Split, Arts Academy in Split (Croatia)
Integrated Undergraduate/Graduate Program in Conservation-Restoration
2nd year

In April 2013 first-year conservation-restoration students of the Arts Academy in Split participated in a preventive conservation project in the Church of St. Joseph, formerly St. Lazarus, on the island of Čiovo near Trogir. The church, which was erected in the early 15th century and later expanded, holds a very rich collection of artworks. Most of the movable inventory is kept in the attic of the church. The objects were improperly stored, and it was the students' task to clean out the attic, sort through the material and store the objects neatly on shelves.
The project was organized as a one-day practical activity in the course Introduction to Conservation-Restoration of Easel Paintings and Polychrome Wood 2. Assistant Professor Sagita Mirjam Sunara and Teaching Assistant Lana Kekez organized and supervised the work.



Short biography
KARMEN MILIĆ was born in Split, November 27th 1990. She attended a grammar school in Split (jezična gimnazija) and graduated in 2009. Karmen spent two years at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb studying computer engineering. She then decided to study conservation-restoration and enrolled in the Conservation-Restoration Department of the Arts Academy in Split. During her first year of study, Karmen participated in several conservation projects and field trips. During the summer she volunteered at the Croatian Conservation Institute – Department in Split. She is now in her second year of study.