Conservation aspects and methods applied on several medieval parchment fragments

zelenak et-al-posterAuthors: Orsolya Zelenák, Júlia Tövissi and Tamás Sipos
Mentors: Márta Kissné Bendefy, Head of Leather Specialization, and Katalin Orosz DLA, Head of Paper Specialization

Hungarian University of Fine Arts (Hungary)
Study programme: Conservation of Applied Arts Objects
Specialization: Conservation-restoration of paper and leather, 4th study year

Several medieval parchment fragments from the collection of the Dept. of Manuscripts of the Library and Information Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest were restored by the fourth year students of the Specialization of Paper and Leather Conservation. These objects present latine handwritten texts on both sides, blue headings, red rubrics and in one case a figurative polichrome initial decoration too. It seems that they made part originally of different codices and were reused afterwards as bookcovers. Due to the changes of the moisture content the fragments had become dehidratated, rigid, unpliable and deformed. The goal of the conservation was to perform on the parchments only those interventions that are necessary for the preservation, readability and the interpretability of the contained information (handwritten texts and illustrations). The poster aimed to present the main problems observed during the conservation process of the fragments and it summerises some of the most adequate methods for protecting them for the future.



Short biographies
The three authors are fourth year students at the Specialization of Paper and Leather Conservation of the University of Fine Arts in Budapest. In addition, ORSOLYA ZELENÁK works as a graphic restorer at the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest, TAMÁS SIPOS is a professional leather artisan and JÚLIA TÖVISSI works as a volunteer at the Petőfi Literary Museum.