Conservation and restoration of 19th century casket including reconstruction of the missing elements in the material imitating bone

gorka-posterAuthor: Izabela Górka-Zygier
Mentor: Ireneusz Płuska, Professor

Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków (Poland)
Study programme: Conservation and Restoration of Art 
Specialization: Conservation-restoration of 
sculpture, 6th study year

The poster presents the conservation of a durable but also sensitive material - bone (cattle). It is one of the main issues of the restoration of a composite structure object: a 19th century casket made of walnut wood, silk damask and bone. The aim to reconstruct the missing plaques was the reason to develop the technique and technology of a bone imitation. Using various materials, many attempts were made and both epoxy and polyester (tinted with the pigments), most transparent and liquid resins were proved to be the best. It was important to choose the right material, capable to perform the castings and to imitate the color and the structure of a bone. The plaques have to be durable and resistant to the light. As part of the diploma the conservation of a 19th century silk damask and wood - part of the caskets construction is beeng performed.



Short biography
IZABELA GÓRKA-ZYGIER was born in Chrzanów, May 21th 1987. She finished Art School in Nowy Wiśnicz with specialization: Renovation Elements of Architecture. Then there was the first practise in conservation of the Krasiczyn Castle. Since 2008, she study at the Faculty of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow with specialization of Conservation of Sculpture. During her study held a series of professional practice on monuments in Poland and Ukraine.