The Twelfth Conference


////////// Split, April 23–25, 2015

_oral presentations
Martina Lochert (Zagreb) and Darija Tripalo (Zagreb – Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences): Conservation In Situ: Investigative conservation-restoration works on the wooden inventory in the chapel of St. Mihalj in Samobor, Croatia 
Andrea Madarász (Budapest): Conservation of Archaeological Waterlogged Wooden Objects Using Trehalose and Freeze Drying 
Josipa Marić and Ivana Vukadin (Split): Explorers of The Lost Treasures of My Homeland: Conservation-restoration educational workshop for the youngest
Vladimir Pajić, Marina Tekić, Miša Jovanović and Tijana Lekić (Belgrade): Conservation, Restoration, Reconstruction and Presentation of Fragments of Roman Wall Paintings From the Archaeological Site Mediana, Niš 
Mirna Međeral (Zagreb): From Munich to Zagreb: Research and conservation of the painting The Satyr and the Peasant by Miroslav Kraljević
Mateja Novaković and Dominik Rajčević (Split): Disassembling, Restoration and Reassembling of a Stone Altar
Valentina Bakša (Zagreb): The Effects of Gamma Irradiation on Historic Pigments
Nađa Šperac (Split): Resistance of Paraloid B-72 to Temperature and UV Radiation
Jelena Simić (Belgrade): Conservation and Restoration of the Poster 25 Juin 1916 journee Serbe by Steinlen 
Barbara Dragan and Petra Zaviršek (Ljubljana): A Creative Way to Practical Knowledge: Optimal ratio determination of binders, fillers and pigments in oil paint production
Marjeta Klemenčič and Petra Juvan (Ljubljana): Student Participation in Gabrijel Stupica Up Close: The Technology of Making and Preserving Works of Art Project 
Cäcilia Kegley (Vienna): Presentation and Storage of the Romanesque Ceiling Painting Fragments From the Church of St. Nikolaus in Matrei
Filip Pelon and Bartosz Zarębski (Cracow): Similarities and Differences in the History, Techniques and Technologies used in two Gothic Panel Paintings From the Historic Region of Lesser Poland 
Joanna Sitnik (Cracow): Removing Soot From the Surface of Oil Paintings

Renata Karska (Cracow): 
Preliminary research methodology of the historical firearms; conservation of the arquebus with wheellock (17th or 18th Ct.) from the collection of the National Museum in Cracow
Stela Korda (Dubrovnik): Conservation-restoration of a 19th Ct. pistol, type kubura ledenica (ice pistol)
Melita Kurtić and Paula Bule (Zagreb): The conservation of two polychrome sculptures, St. Mary Magdalen and St. Margaret, from Samobor Museum, with the overview of chronological layers
Dunja Rapaić (Zagreb): Pair of angels candle holders
Leda Halambek (Zagreb): To conserve or to restore: finding the balance
Helena Ugrina (Split): The marble statue of the Emperor Augustus from Nin
Ena Đelmo (Ljubljana): Conservation-restoration treatment on the painting Landscape with Lake
Nadja Šičarov (Ljubljana): Reverse painting on glass from the National Museum of Slovenia collection: issues and proposed conservation-restoration solutions
Karol Brzozowski (Cracow): XRF scanning as the perfect way of investigating well preserved objects
Katarzyna Bizon (Cracow): XRF macro scanning as a first step of non-invasive investigation of the works of art
Francis Dragičević (Split): Amphorae, then and now
Eni Jukopila and Martina Lochert (Zagreb): Jakovlje Mansion and Sculpture Park, Croatia
Aleksandar Ćulibrk, Ana-Marija Spasenović, Mila Vranješ and Dragana Vicentijević (Belgrade): The conservation-restoration of the wall painting Life, suffering and struggle of the people in the birthplace of President Josip Broz Tito from the Middle Ages to the World War II by Raoul Goldoni at the Museum of Yugoslav History
Nikolina Cvitanović and Marin Vokić (Dubrovnik): The letter in a bottle

_invited lectures
Ćazim Hadžimeilić, PhD (Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo): Tradicionalna priprema tuša i preparacija papira i kože 
Ivan Srša (Croatian Conservation Institute): Korak više (Neobavezna, ali ne i nevažna istraživanja tijekom restauriranja zidnih slika) 
Elio Karamatić (Croatian Conservation Institute): Konstruktivna rješenja na objektima od drva
Dragica Krstić, PhD (National and University Library in Zagreb): Konzervatorska istraživanja na kompozitnom djelu Sv. Obitelj ispod hrasta s ukrasnim okvirom Gloria in Excelsis Deo J. J. Klovića
Jelena Tomasović Grbić (Neir d.o.o.), Jelena Fuštar (Neir d.o.o.) and Filip Rogošić (Arts Academy in Split): Konzervatorsko-restauratorski radovi na skulpturi Grgur Ninski Ivana Meštrovića
Žana Matulić Bilač (Croatian Conservation Institute): Drveni svod s Gospinim ciklusom nad oltarom sv. Dujma

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Compiled by Sagita Mirjam Sunara (Department of Conservation-Restoration, Arts Academy of the University of Split) / Updated: April 1, 2018