The Fourteenth Conference


////////// Zagreb, April 20–22, 2017

_oral presentations
Alicja Sawoniuk (Cracow): Titanium dioxide photocatalytic coatings for cleaning wall painting surfaces  
Iva Carević, Katija Maškarić and Mia Perković (Dubrovnik): Importance of restoration and conservation of the historical book 
Marcell Miklós (Budapest): The conservation of an African sword with scabbard made of skins of Nile reptiles 
Maja Potrawiak (Cracow): The conservation of the painting with the depiction of Madonna and Child of Cracow Hodegetria type from the church in Przyłęk Szlachecki : The reconstruction of the background based on existing grounds
Mia Prahin (Zagreb): The examples of detachment of wall paintings practices on Department for Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art (Zagreb)
Tea Borovina (Dubrovnik): Conservation and restoration of an oleography 
Katarina Milosavljević (Belgrade): Carved stone from the archaeological collection of the late Middle Ages, Gravestone  Krstaca 
Paulina Kralka (Cracow): The wayang klitik (kerucil) javanese puppet theatre – research and conservation of five puppets from the National Museum of Ethnography in Warsaw collection
Petra Bohinc and Helena Pucelj Krajnc (Ljubljana): Issues on preservation of heritage in Plečnik's house 
Ana Oblak (Ljubljana): The Ecce Homo painting by Leopold Layer : Identifying problems and solutions 
Barbara Dragan (Ljubljana): Consolidation of stone sculptures using the biomineralization method

Francis Dragičević and Ivana Vukadin (Split): Producing copies of the Late Bronze Age pottery from Dugiš on the river Cetina
Giulia Allegretti De Lista, Elena Fondacaro and Valeria Pappalardo (Naples): Restoration of San Giovanni in Fonte baptistery mosaics
Čila Berden and Barbara Škander (Ljubljana): Conservation-restoration of the wall painting Mladina se vključuje v proizvodnjo (Youth are Getting Involved in the Production) by Maksim Sedej and Dana Pajnič
Anezka Jadlovska (Pardubice): The restoration of old print Georgica Curiosa from year 1716
Alicja Sawoniuk (Cracow/Zagreb): The Unknown Saint, the wooden sculpture with polychrome, gilding and silvering; 16th/17th century (?)
Iva Carević, Katija Maškarić, Dora Franetović and Mia Perković (Dubrovnik): Saving the words of Illyric history
Angel Oblak (Ljubljana): Conservation and restoration of Tomos Colibri 03 moped
Sonja Pavin (Zagreb): Crucifixion group : Conservation of polychrome sculptures from St. James chapel at Očura
Josip Nižetić (Split): Restoration of the ancient Roman sculpture Augustus from Narona
Lucija Roce (Dubrovnik): Conservation and restoration works carried out on two wooden, polychrome sculpture of angel torchbearer from the church of St. Margaret in Štinjan
Anđela Aćimović and Monika Sarana (Sarajevo): Restoration of mosaic replica from Stolac
Andrea Šafran, Luka Krešimir Stipić, Marko Rizvić and Ante Pereza (Zagreb): Diocesan Museum waterfalls
Ana Štimac (Zagreb): Conservation and restoration works on the icon Crucifixion with Saints

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Compiled by Sagita Mirjam Sunara (Department of Conservation-Restoration, Arts Academy of the University of Split) / Updated: April 15, 2018