Conservation and Restoration of Painted Ceilings in the Bajamonti – Dešković Palace in Split

Author: Anđela Razlog
Mentors: Tonči Borovac, MSc, Assistant Professor; Branko Matulić, PhD, Associate Professor

Arts Academy, University of Split


razlog andjelaThe residential palace of Antonio Bajamonti, a renown mayor of city of Split, built in the nineteenth century, has been significantly enriched, along with other artistic decorations, by paintings found in three of its representative lounges on the first floor, attributed to painter Antonio Zuccaro. Besides the damage which eventually occured by natural decay of materials, wall paintings were repeatedly damaged during direct interventions on the ceiling; improper repair of damage in mortar and paint layer, installation of electrical system, and especially the construction work on the second floor, which included placing reinforced concrete layer above paintings. Next to the specified causes, impact of indirect causes of damage, such as interventions carried on the supporting walls and arches on the ground floor, which disturbed static of the building, was apparent. In 2003, the employees of the Croatian Institute for Conservation begin planning the project which would ensure protection of the painted surfaces. Because of the specified reasons, in one of the rooms it was necessary to completely separate the painted ceiling from its wooden support, while in the other, containing a ceiling with a fewer damage, a way for the consolidation of its original structure without separating it from support has been devised. Several generations of students from the Department for Conservation – Restoration of the Arts Academy in Split were involved in conservation of painted ceilings, and the lecture will include summary of these works.


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