The Effect of Temperature and RH on Antonio Cebej's Paintings of the Stations of the Cross and a Condition Improvement Proposal

Author: Anka Batič, academic conservator-restorer
Mentors: Tamara Trček Pečak, MA, Associate Professor; Vincenc Butala, PhD, Full Professor 

Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana

batic ankaSažetak 

The research in my thesis focuses on negative influences of temperature and relative humidity of air upon Stations of the Cross paintings by Anton Cebej in the church of St. John the Baptiste in Ajdovščina. By measuring the temperature as well as the relative humidity of air surrounding the paintings and by analysing the data of my research, I can relate my observations about the cause, the conditions and the extensiveness, with which these two environmental parameters can affect the Stations of the Cross. Results of the research showed that the most extensive and quick oscillations of these two environmental parameters are triggered by solar radiation upon the paintings and the presence of a large number of people in the church. Based on all the observations with significant stress on these two basic factors that represent the foundation for unsuitable values of temperature and relative humidity of air in the immediate surroundings of the specified works of art, I offered the most suitable and practical ways to reduce the negative microclimatic influences on the Stations of the Cross paintings.


The paper has been submitted for the Student Poster Exhibition of the 2012 IIC Vienna Congress. Click  here to read the extended abstract

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