Conservation-Restoration Interventions on the Painting Jesus on Cross From the Diocesan Museum in Zagreb

Author: Ana-Marija Ljubo
Mentor: Tamara Ukrainčik, MA, Assistant Professor

Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb

LJUBO Ana-MarijaSummary

In this presentation conservation-restauration treatments on an both-sided easle painting Jesus on Cross made by an unknown author, at the Diocesan museum in Zagreb will be shown. Dubling an easle painting is an ordinary  conservating procedure witch strenghtens the canvas by aplying a new coat of textile on the back side. Because the painting was earlier a processional flag, it does not have a back side, but two fronts. It was necessary to find materials wich would make a compromise between function and aestetics. The use of crepeline silk because of its srength and tranparensy at the same time, in this role assures both firm support for the deteriorated canvas and adequat transparency of the silk so that both sides of the painting can easily be seen. After cleaning, canvas reconstruction, retouch and varnishing, a sheet of crepeline silk was applied with a sinthetic water based adhesive on one side of the painting. Finally the painting will be strained on a blind frame.


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