Antique Fragments of the Wall Paintings from Knedlov vrt in Kranj and Issues of Conservation-Restoration of Archaeological Wall Paintings

Author: Pika Škerlj
Mentor: Blaž Šeme, PhD, Assistant Professor
Co-mentor: Sabina Kramar, PhD, Assistant Professor

Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana
*Project realized in academic year 2012/2013*

SKERLJ Pika-mSummary

Main subject of the gradaution thesis are fragments excavated on Tomšičeva 38 (also named Knedlov vrt) from Kranj, that were excavated in the year 2005 by Magelan group d. o. o.. Also addressed are theoretical and practical issues that are specific to fragmentary finds of wall paintings, excavated on archeological sites. By analysing methodology and manner in which they were executed, alongside the meaning of wall paintings in antiquity, one can asses their value in local understanding of history. Some fragments had graffiti cuts made by Germanic tribes. Practical part of thesis represents results of analysis of mortars and paint layers.
Due to fragmentation of wall painting artefacts, long-term registration and reassembling of fragments, as well as reassembly and reconstruction are required. Registration and reassembly of fragments can be partially digitized, though such finds demand reconstruction for which it is necessary to seek parallels in ornaments from other roman excavation sites.


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