Research Works on Izidor Kršnjavi's Easel Paintings by X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis (XRF)

Author: Tina Bertović
Mentor: Vladan Desnica, PhD, Associate Professor

Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb

BERTOVIC TinaSummary

As a part of the thesis "Research and conservation-restoration works on the five pictures of Izidor Kršnjavi" under the guidance of Vladan Desnica, the conservation and restoration procedures have been carried out and specialized research has been conducted using several physical-chemical analytical methods. For the purpose of precise and non-destructive examination of elemental composition of materials, a portable instrument for X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis has been used. The method is based on the emission of secondary radiation from a material, which is excited by the primary X-ray beam. This emitted fluorescent radiation is characteristic for the investigated material and provides the information on substance composition. In this presentation, the basic characteristics of the XRF analysis is demonstrated through a variety of examples, with an emphasis on research work carried out on five easel paintings by Izidor Kršnjavi. Also, the potential problems which the researcher may encounter while interpreting the XRF results will be discussed trough specific examples.


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