Is crust black or white? A study in Croatian conservation – restoration terminology

Author: Helena Ugrina
Mentor: Katarina Hraste, MA

University of Split, Arts Academy in Split (Croatia)
Integrated Undergraduate/Graduate Program in Conservation-Restoration
Specialization: Conservation-restoration of stone, 5th study year


UGRINA HelenaConservation - restoration is a relatively new discipline, geared towards science. At this point, a precise and thorough research into the restoration-conservation concepts and terms is indispensable, because in this discipline terminological confusion is common among scientists, as well as among practicing conservators and restorers. This also includes the need for the standardization of Croatian conservation - restoration terminology, in order to avoid ambiguities and imprecision which the profession does not tolerate. The further benefit of this standardization would be a higher-quality domestic and international communications within the conservation-restoration community. The presentation gives a short critical review of Croatian terminology designating stone deterioration patterns (harmful surface deposits). The research is based on five exemplary texts published over the last five years, in three different regional centres (Zagreb, Split, Pula), and its results are compared to the definitions of the equivalent terms in ICOMOS –ISCSI Glossary of Stone Deterioration Patterns which promotes international cooperation, so important in this field.

Short biography

HELENA UGRINA - born in Split, 1989. After having completed, in 2008, School of Design, Graphic Art and Sustainable Development, she worked briefly as a graphic designer. In 2009, she enrolled in the Conservation-restoration Department of the Art Academy, Split. As a student, she has already held a presentation at the 9th International Conference of Conservation-Restoration Students, held in Split, in 2012. She is a fifth-year student, specializing in conservation and restoration of stone. The subject of her masters thesis is "The conservation - restoration treatment of the statue of Emperor Augustus from Nin".