Conservation of the Book Cover of Calligraphic Manuscript

Authors: Edib Huseinagić, Amina Begić and Lamija Avdić
Mentor: Ćazim Hadžimejlić, PhD, Professor

Academy of Fine Arts, Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Study programme:Interdisciplinary Study Programme in Conservation-Restoration
Specialization: Multiple (2nd year of study)


Edib Huseinagic, Amina Begic and Lamija AvdicPresentation is about the project of conservation of the book cover of calligraphic manuscript, with conservation process, and necessary restoration. After first analysis we found that cover is not original part of the book, but made after in Austro-Hungarian period. Original cover is lost. Damages from moisture and insects are found, with parts that are torn or missing. Cover is made of sheep's leather and cardboard with flap which has no full function as it should have, because it is too short. Leather is brown colored, decorated with dry stamps of illumination motives. Original book covers with flap from the Ottoman period were made according to the standard, when length of the flap was depending on the thickness of the book. After cleaning and removing damaged parts, we began with ecessary restoration. After completing the whole process, the cover is fixed to the book.

The authors have not submitted the paper.


Short biographies

EDIB HUSEINAGIĆ, born in 1977 in Zenica. Artist, calligrapher and graphic designer for many years. Now studying in the second year of conservation and restoration at the Academy of fine arts in Sarajevo. Attended view seminars of art and architecture. Speaks English, Arabic and Persian language. In 2015 attended the school of vernacular architecture held in Stolac, by the Bosnian Commission to Preserve National monuments and EX, PO AUS, Adriatic IPA, Adriatic UNESCO.

LAMIJA AVDIĆ, student of the second year of conservation and restoration study. Graduated from the First high school in Zenica. In 2015 attended the school of vernacular architecture held in Stolac, by the Bosnian Commission to Preserve National monuments and EX, PO AUS, Adriatic IPA, Adriatic UNESCO. Speaks English language.

AMINA BEGIĆ, born in 1995 in Sarajevo. Graduated from the Fifth high school in Sarajevo, now studying the second year of Conservation and restoration at the Academy of Fine arts in Sarajevo.