A Comparison of Conservation Methods on Example of Waterlogged Wood from Neolithic Site

Author: Ewa Lisiecka and Kazimierz Górski
Mentor: Piotr Witomski, Professor

Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Poland)
Study programme: Technology of Wood
Specialization: Antiques Wood Conservation

GORSKI Kazimierz

After excavation, waterlogged wood requires proper treatment. Today, different methods are usedfor the dimensional stability: sucrose (sugar) method, PEG or freeze-drying. The research were performed to compare the physical and mechanical properties of Neolithic archaeological wood after it's treatment with this three methods. Since 2007, after excavation wood were stored in leakproof, plastic bags. The studies provide interesting results for this kind of material. They confirm that the choice of method should depend on the degree of degradation of the material.

The authors have not submitted the paper.