Investigation, Conservation and Replica of a Late Medieval Great Pavise From the City of Kaufbeuren, Germany

Author: Martin Siennicki, MA
Mentor: Wolfgang Baatz, Professor

Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (Austria)
Study programme: Conservation and Restauration
Specialization: Objects, with focus on wooden objects (graduated in January 2016)


Martin SiennickiThe presentation will deal with my diploma thesis, which concerns an originally probably 15th century great Pavise from the city of Kaufbeuren, Germany. Today the shield is in the possession of the Bavarian National Museum. Fire and neglect have caused severe damage and losses leaving the shield in a fragmented condition. Finding an object of this kind with nearly untouched condition is a rare instance, as many other remaining shields of this period have been already restored. Therefore the main focus in my diploma thesis was to investigate production processes and to analyse and identify materials used to build this shield. The man-sized, rectangular and slightly curved shield is composed in layers of different materials. On top of a core of softwood lies a layer of animal tendons. This layer is covered by an fire protection layer made by mixing spherical iron-containing slag particles, glass particles, bone meal and animal glue. The complete shield is enveloped with rawhide. The crest of Kaufbeuren forms the decor of the shield showing a golden oblique ribbon with two golden, six-pointed stars on a red background. Based on the material and literature research, a replica shield was constructed. The conservation treatment at the original shield was limited to a dust reduction by mechanical means and Cyber Clean Hypoallergenic®, and a consolidation of loose paintfragments with JunFunori® and Klucel H.

The author has not submitted the paper.


Short biography

MARTIN SIENNICKI was born in Seeheim-Jugenheim, Germany, in 1983. Before beginning his Studies in conservation of objects, especially made of wood, in 2009, he made a training as a cook and worked in several restaurants in Germany. After this time he decided to make a new start at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna where he has just finished his studies in January 2016.