"Zvonimir Wyroubal" Prize

"Zvonimir Wyroubal" Prize is awarded in three categories: the best oral presentation, the best PPT presentation, and the best poster.

The prize is named after Zvonimir Wyroubal (1900 – 1990), a prominent Croatian restorer. Wyroubal was a co-founder and the head of the restoration studio of the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb, the first public restoration studio in the country. Its foundation in 1942 marks the beginning of organized conservation-restoration service in Croatia. At the beginning of 1948 the Museum of Arts and Crafts Restoration Studio was taken over by the Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts (present-day Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts), when it was renamed Restoration Institute. Wyroubal was appointed for its head. Wyroubal has saved from decay numerous works of art. He recorded every treatment, publishing the most important ones. Also, he trained several generations of restorers. Apart from restoring, Wyroubal painted, illustrated, and studied and collected old coins.


////////// Split, 2018

Best lecture: Barbara Dragan (Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana)
Best PPT presentation: Mia Perković, Katija Maškarić, Iva Carević and Dora Franetović (University of Dubrovnik, Department of Art and Restoration)
Best poster: Tijana Mihailović and Milica Terzić (Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade)

zw2018 m


////////// Zagreb, 2017

Best lecture: Katarina Milosavljević (Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade)
Best PPT presentation: Paulina Kralka (Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, Kraków)
Best poster: Ana Štimac (Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb)

zw2017 m


////////// Dubrovnik, 2016

Best lecture: Petar Nevžala (University of Dubrovnik, Department of Art and Restoration)
Best PPT presentation: Martin Siennicki (Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna)
Best poster: Dora Mihanović (Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb)

zw2016 m


////////// Split, 2015

Best lecture: Cäcilia Kegley (Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna)
Best PPT presentation: Vladimir Pajić, Marina Tekić, Miša Jovanović and Tijana Lekić (Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade)
Best poster: Nikolina Cvitanović and Marin Vokić (University of Dubrovnik, Department of Art and Restoration)

Special awards: James BlackArchetype Publications LimitedGoran Nikšić, PhD, Head of the Department for the Historic Core of the City of Split;  Jurica Matijević, Associate Professor, Chairman of the  Organizing Committee

 zw2015 m


////////// Zagreb, 2014

Best lecture: Joanna Zwinczak (Jan Matejko Academy Of Fine Arts in Kraków, Poland) 
Best PPT-presentation: Ana Maly, Julia Mitterbauer and Marco Rican (Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria)
Best poster: Zala Kalan (Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Special award: James Black, Archetype Publications Limited

zw2014 m


////////// Dubrovnik, 2013

Best lecture: Vedran Kundić (Arts Academy, University of Split)
Best poster: Monika Lolić (Art and Restoration Department, University of Dubrovnik)



////////// Split, 2012

Best lecture: Martina Tekavec (Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana)
Best PPT-presentation: Elena Jurić (Arts Academy, University of Split)
Best poster: Nataša Treursić (Art and Restoration Department, University of Dubrovnik)

Special award: Universitas (rewarded for the promotion of conservation-restoration profession)