Saving the words of Illyric history

carevic et al Authors: Iva Carević, Katija Maškarić, Dora Franetović and Mia Perković
Mentor: Sanja Serhatlić, Expert Associate 

Department of Art and Restoration, University of Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Study programme: Graduate programme in conservation-restoration
Specialization: Paper (1st year of the Master's programme)


A book Breve Compendivm Nationis Glorisae Totivs Lingvae Illyricae by the author Martin Rosa was published in 1638 and is situated in Franciscan monastery in Rožat. Martin Rosa was representative of Franciscan Illyrism. The book is written in Latin and tells about creation of the world, Slavic cultural and political history, their language, geographical position and it is the only remained copy in Croatia. Process of restoration took place in workshop of paper at University of Dubrovnik. The book is made of three parts which vary in dimension, thickness and in type of print. It was in very poor state and had many mechanical and chemical damages, especially book cover and binding, because of bad conditions in which it was kept in. Purpose of this poster is to present processes of restoration done on this book and to show some interesting particularities that occured during the restoration.

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Short biographies

IVA CAREVIĆ, born on 15th of September 1994 in Dubrovnik, finished high school Gymnasium in Dubrovnik.

KATIJA MAŠKARIĆ born on 25th of May 1994 in Dubrovnik, finished high school Gymnasium in Dubrovnik.

DORA FRANETOVIĆ born on 14th of November 1993 in Zagreb, finished high school School of Design, Graphics and Sustainable Development in Split.

MIA PERKOVIĆ born on 11th of April 1992 in Zagreb, finished high school Gymnasium in Split.

In 2016, we graduated with bachelor´s degree in Conservation and Restoration of Paper at University of Dubrovnik. We are currently in 1st year of the Master´s programme of Conservation and Restoration of Paper and during our practice at University we´ve done restoration processes on presented book. What is linking us is common interest and passion directed to conservation and restoration of paper and cultural heritage.