Wall Paintings in Churches in the Territory of Poljica

LOVRIC poster 1Author: Nikolina Lovrić
Mentors: Nikola Radošević, Lecturer; Krešimir Bosnić, Lecturer

Department of Conservation-Restoration, Arts Academy of the University of Split (Croatia)
Study programme: Integrated undergraduate and graduate course of study in conservation-restoration
Specialization: Wall paintings and mosaics (5th year of study)


Before the invasion of Napoleon’s army and the ensuing abolition of its sovereignty, the Republic of Poljica had enjoyed the status of an autonomous territory. The area still abounds in churches, some of them built during the early Croatian period. The inhabitants of Poljica have always appreciated their religious  architectural heritage, repeatedly renovating the interiors and exteriors of their churches in order to preserve and even embellish their appearance. Unfortunately, in these renewals many wall paintings, together with original plaster, have been removed or overpainted. The most reliable way of finding out which of them have survived and which have been replaced by new paintings or lost is to compare the existing situation with archival documents and photo-documentation of the Croatian Conservation Institute. Oddly enough, the work done so far suggests that a significant number of them have been irreversibly lost in the relatively recent past, i.e. during the 20th century. To save what has left of this important part of Poljica heritage for generations to come, it is planned to create a digital catalogue of the paintings which have survived in situ, including overviews of the state of preservation of single paintings.

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Short biography

NIKOLINA LOVRIĆ was born on August 30th, 1992, at Šibenik, Croatia. She attended the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Split. She enrolled into the Conservation-Restoration Department of the Arts Academy, Split, in 2013. Nikolina is a fifth-year student, specialising in the field of conservation and restoration of wall paintings and mosaics. She has participated in several conservation-restoration field projects and two international conferences (poster presentations).   In 2016/2017 she spent one semester at Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences as an Erasmus+ student beneficiary. She speaks English and German.