Conservation-restoration works on the angel from the parish church of the Holy Cross in Rasinja and new gilding technologies in the conservation-restoration profession

KNEZEVIC PosterAuthor: Hana Knežević
Mentor: Ana Božičević, MA, Assistant Professor

Department for Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art, Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb (Croatia)
Study programme: Integrated undergraduate and graduate course of study in conservation-restoration
Specialization: Conservation-restoration of sculptures (graduated 2020/2021)

The poster represents an overview of the conservation-restoration works carried out on a wooden polychrome sculpture of the left Angel Adorer from the parish church of the Holy Cross in Rasinja. The sculpture was located on the main altar alongside the right Angel Adorer. Prior to being delivered to the workshop both sculptures were subjected to gamma radiation at the Institute of Ruđer Bošković in Zagreb. After a thorough inspection and documentation of the initial state, surface dirt was removed from the sculptures surface. The investigative work proved the existence of several later added layers which resulted in poor readability of sculptural work. Other procedures performed on the sculpture include:the making of detailed written, graphic and photographic documentation, gluing, consolidating wooden carrier, sampling for analysis, making probes, removing additional layers, reconstructing missing parts of carrier, restoring all stratigraphic layers and applying a protective layer.

The conservation-restoration work was followed by research which consisted of comparing selected traditional and modern gilding technologies on wooden polychrome sculptures.

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KNEZEVIC Hana mShort biography
HANA KNEŽEVIĆ was born on December 28th, 1994 in Zagreb. She attended School of Applied Arts and Design where she participated in a few exhibitions such as Ambienta and The Magical World of Fossils. In 2014/2015 she enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Department of Conservation and Restoration of Art (sculpture), where she received the academic title of Master of Art Restoration and Conservation in 2020/2021. While studying at the Academy, she participated in symposiums, workshops and the 14th International Conference on Conservation-Restoration Studies as a student – moderator. She also spent one semester in South Korea via study exchange as a part of a bilateral exchange program.