Making a copy of a pair of shoes from the Ethnographic Museum in Dubrovnik

VLADIC PosterAuthor: Sara Vladić
Mentor: Danijela Jemo, PhD, Assistant Professor

Art and Restoration Department, University of Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Study programme: Second-Cycle Master's Programme of Conservation-Restoration
Specialization: Conservation-restoration of textiles (graduated 2020/2021)

This poster presents how the sewing pattern was made for a pair of unique shoes from the collection of the Ethnographic Museum in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The sewing pattern was used to make a replica of the original pair of shoes.

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VLADIC Sara mmShort biography
SARA VLADIĆ was born in Zagreb where she graduated interior design at the School of Applied Arts and Design in 2015. In 2018 she earned a bachelor’s degree in conservation-restoration at the University of Dubrovnik. She continued her education in textile conservation. During her studies she worked at the Croatian Conservation Institute as an associate textile conservator-restorer.