Carved stone from the archaeological collection of the late Middle Ages, Gravestone – Krstaca

Author: Katarina Milosavljević
Mentor: Mina Jović, Assistant Professor 

Department of Conservation and restoration, Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Academy of Applied Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade (Serbia)
Study programme: Conservation and Restoration
Specialization: Sculptures and Archaeological Artifacts (4th year of study)


MILOSAVLJEVIC KatarinaGravestone monument – Krstaca belongs to the group of stone sculptures from the archaeological collection of the late Middle Ages. Finding site of the Cross was a cemetery at St. Peter's Church near Novi Pazar.Gravestone monument dates back from 17th/18th century. The object was found covered with deposits of calcination and surface impurities. On the back side three iron anchors, attached by an additional cement binder, were spotted. Ultraviolet and Infrared recordings, USB camera and photo documentation of the object were performed. Impurities were also photographed using an USB camera. After the sample was cleaned, it was determined that the object should be treated with alcohol, ultrasound and EDTA. Missing parts (lower right corner , entire left wing of the cross) were fixed with brass anchors to the original and painted in colors similar to those of the marble original. The mold was taken from the sculpted positives and mass made of marble flour, cement, quartz sand and silicate solution was poured into moulds. Documentation of the entire conservation and restoration process  was submitted to the National Museum of Belgrade, along with the object.

Short biography

KATARINA MILOSAVLJEVIĆ is student of the fourth year of undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Department of Conservation and restoration of sculptures and archaeological artifacts. This year she became recipient of Scholarship for young talents of the Republic of Serbia. She also took part in joint student exhibitions. After graduating, she plans to apply for master’s degree in conservation and restoration. Katarina hopes to improve her professional skills.