Conservation of Bronze Structural Decorated Elements from Ancient Roman Chariot from the Collection of the National Museum in Belgrade

Author: Katarina Milosavljević
Mentors: Mina Jović, Assistant Professor, Milan Čolović and Miroslav Petelin, Associates from the National Museum in Belgrade

Department of Conservation and restoration, Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade (Serbia)
Study programme: Conservation and restoration of sculptures and archaeological objects
Specialization: Sculptures and Archaeological Artefacts (graduated in 2017/2018)

The main subject of the presentation is the conservation of bronze structural decorated elements from ancient Roman chariot from the collection of the National Museum in Belgrade which has total of 86 bronze appliques of various sizes and shapes. The presentation will only show the most representative appliques. The work was performed as part of the master thesis in 2017/2018. No conservation treatments have been carried out so far on the appliques, which makes this work characteristic because the treatment could be carried out by non-destructive conservation methods. Appliques contain missing parts, fragmentation, surface deposits in the form of impurities, soil deposits, various forms of corrosion and chloride deposits. Bronzed appliques were subjected to macroscopic and microscopic analyses as well as X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy - XRF; which established the composition of the copper alloys, from which they were made as well as the recording of objects under the X-ray radiation. The photo documentation was done together with detailed descriptions in which objects were found.

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Short biography

KATARINA MILOSAVLJEVIĆ was born on 19th of September 1994 in Belgrade. She finished Design School in Belgrade, after which she enrolled at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade at the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Sculptures and Archaeological Objects. She graduated in 2017 and started master studies at the same department. She graduated in 2018. During her studies she worked on artefacts belonging to the collections of the National Museum in Belgrade, made of different materials such as metal, stone, ceramics, plaster and polyester. Currently, she is a full-time intern at the National Museum and first-year student of doctoral studies.