Conservation – Restoration Treatments on Drawing

Authors: Karmen Đanić and Valnea Gjivić
Mentor: Sanja Serhatlić, Assistant Professor

Art and Restoration Department, University of Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Study programme: Second-Cycle Master's Programme of Study in Conservation-Restoration
Specialization: Paper (2nd year of study)

The theme of this presentation is the complete conservation- restoration procedure carried out on a drawing of our local artist Mato Celestin Medović. The drawing technique is pastel. The paper was in a very bad condition, visibly dried, full of cracks, dirt and broken/ missing parts. The paper was glued to the linen canvas that is tangled to the old damaged wooden subframe. The canvas had changed its colour and was covered with stains and dirt. Proposition of works carried out on the object were: colour observation with Dino - lite microscope, analysis with different kinds of rubbers – using Dino – lite microscope, measurement of pH, measurement of paper thickness, determination the origin of glue and paper, detachment of paper from wooden subframe and linen canvas, mechanical removal of impurities, object moistening in the chamber, object doubling, consolidation of missing parts, retouching with pastel, making protective folder, and storage conditions.

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Short biography

KARMEN ĐANIĆ was born on 8th of August, 1994 in Dubrovnik. She finished comprehensive high school in Dubrovnik.
VALNEA GJIVIĆ was born on 27th of May, 1995 in Dubrovnik. She finished "Luka Sorkočević" art school of Dubrovnik.
In 2017, they graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Conservation and Restoration of Paper at the University of Dubrovnik. They are currently on their 2nd year of the Master's Programme of Conservation and Restoration of Paper.