Historical and industrial paints under synchrotron light

Author: Ida Fazlić
Mentors: Marine Cotte, Dr., Local Supervisor; Katrien Keune, Associate Professor; Bas de Bruin, Professor; Jitte Flapper, Dr., Industrial Supervisor

Institutions: European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Rijksmuseum, University of Amsterdam and AkzoNobel
Study programme: Analytical chemistry on micro-imaging of industrial and historical paints: Funded by the H2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie COFUND programme “InnovaXN” (#847439), 1st year of study
Specialization: Theoretical, physical and analytical chemistry

The project aims at researching the short-term and long-term drying reactions of historical and industrial paints, mainly relying on the use of metallic driers. A deeper understanding of the (mis-) use of driers through history up to date, as well as their effect on stability and aesthetic of painted objects will be offered. Interactions of inorganic and organic in historical and industrial paintings and coatings are being monitored by the use of synchrotron based and laboratory micro-imaging techniques (μXRF, μXAS, μXRD and μFTIR) available at the ESRF as a host facility. Observations of the formation, spatial distribution in 2D (in depth and in plane) and stability of metallic driers and of secondary crystallized compounds in historical and in model paints will offer to Rijksmuseum as a partner and to the global community of conservators, a valuable insight into the conservation issues of painted works of art. Similarly, AkzoNobel as an industrial collaborator, will be guided towards the development of products with a better health and safety profile and improved performance.

Speaker's biography
IDA FAZLIĆ holds a bachelor’s degree in Conservation and restoration of cultural heritage from the Academy of Fine Arts and Faculty of Sciences at the University of Sarajevo. Fazlić was decorated with a silver medal by Rector of UNSA for exceptional results achieved during her studies. After earning her BA qualifications in 2017, Fazlić specialized in Conservation science and technology at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy, in 2020 with an overall score of 110/110.
Fazlić is currently working on her PhD research in Analytical Chemistry on micro-imaging of industrial and historical paints at the ESRF, Rijksmuseum, AkzoNobel and UvA.