Identification of photographic processes

Author: Laura-Cassandra Vălean
Mentor: Márta Júlia Guttmann, Assistant Professor

Institution: Department of History, Heritage and Protestant Theology; Faculty of Social and Human Sciences; Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu (ULBS) (Romania)
Study programme: Conservation-restoration study, 2nd year of study
Specialization: Conservation-restoration of wood and photographic materials

In 2021., for seven weeks (15 February - 4 April 2021), LAURA-CASSANDRA VALEAN had the opportunity to attend the online course organised by Gawain Weaver - Care and Identification of Photographs. During this period, she has learned about the history of photography, the identification process, and the main aspects of conserving photographic materials. Therefore, Laura-Cassandra wanted to apply in her field of specialization what she had learned on the photographic collections found in some Romanian cultural institutions, starting with the identification process. This is the first step to take to conserve photographic materials for a long time because knowing the structure and the component materials one can recognize their inherent vulnerabilities. In her presentation, Laura-Cassandra will talk about the tools she used to analyze the photographs and the main characteristics of each process. After that, she will present some examples of photographs she examined and the processes she identified, highlighting the characteristic features.

Speaker's biography
LAURA-CASSANDRA VăLEAN is currently studying Conservation and Restoration as an undergraduate student at the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu. In high school she was passionate about Romanian traditional art, and this was one of the reasons she chose this specialization. For two years she was a volunteer at a wood restoration workshop and at the restoration of an UNESCO wooden church from Maramureș, she recently completed a course about care and identification of photographic materials (Care and Identification of Photographs Online Workshop organised by Gawain Weave).