The restoration of the Marcolino Gandini’s artwork 'Senza Titolo', mixed media on wood, 1966

Author: Chiarra Fabbri
Mentors: Roberto Bestetti, Professor, Private Conservator; Ilaria Saccani, Professor, Conservation Scientist; Mirella Baldan, Professor, Diagnostician, Geologist

Institution: Academia Aldo Galli (Italy)
Study programme: Conservation and restoration of cultural heritage, graduated 26 November 2020
Specialization: Conservation-restoration of cultural heritage

The object is the restoration of Senza Titolo, a contemporary painted sculpture made by Marcolino Gandini in 1966. With the aim of preserving artwork’s history and its meaning, respectful and recognizable solutions have been designed. Before the restoration the Gandini’s family has been contacted and Tito Gandini, the son of the artist, has been interviewed. After the approval of Gandini’s family for the restoration, a cleaning with semi-humid methodology has been performed by creating aqueous solutions, Ph and conductivity adjusted. For the aesthetic presentation a reversable retouching with microcrystalline wax was executed, to guarantee the artwork’s transmission to the future.

Speaker's biography
CHIARA FABBRI is a Conservator of Cultural Heritage graduated at Accademia “Aldo Galli” of Como. During her studies she had the opportunity to know some Museal Institutions, to work in team and to participate in laboratory research and conferences about the restoration of contemporary art. Her thesis research was about the restoration of the contemporary artwork Senza Titolo, made by Marcolino Gandini in 1966. This work will be presented at the conference.