Student workshops in the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Dubrovnik

Author: Ana Ivković
Mentor: Suzana Damiani, MA, Professor

Institution: Department for Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art, University of Zagreb, Academy of Fine Arts (Croatia)
Study programme: Integrated undergraduate and graduate study of Conservation and Restoration, 5th year of study
Specialization: Conservation-restoration of wall paintings

Student workshops that have been held since 2018. continued in the academic year 2019/2020. They are a part of a larger project, “Discovering old cathedrals of Dubrovnik”, which began in 2015. The primary goals set for participating students were to move archaeological fragments of medieval frescoes from poorly conditioned spaces, put them into new and safer boxes, and categorize each of them by properties and features. Each fragment was carefully observed, described and compared to other pieces. They differ in stratigraphy, mortar composition and paint layer, which are main traits by which they could be compared to in situ fragments, classified and possibly dated. Now having been sorted and stored safely, the fragments will be catalogued in a specially created database as a next step to their future presentation to the public. Within the framework of this project, analysis and dating of the different kinds of mortars were made in collaboration with other institutions.

Speaker's biography
ANA IVKOVIĆ was born on 6 th of February, 1999, in the Croatian town of Koprivnica. In year of 2017, she graduated in the „Fran Galović“ gymnasium in the Class for Natural Sciences. Since 2017, she has been studying Conservation and Restoration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and will soon start working on her final thesis.