The study and conservation treatment of Eastern gouache painting 'Dragon Boat' dated 1930, by Tsai Hsueh-Hsi

Author: Tong Pak Heng Henry
Mentor: Lin Huan Shen, Associate Professor

Institution: National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (Taiwan)
Study programme: Department of Cultural Heritage Conservation, Tawanese art history, 4th year of study
Specialization: Conservation-restoration of paper, Taiwanese art history

Eastern gouache is a form of painting that was introduced to Taiwan from Japan during the Japanese rule of Taiwan. It uses a mixture of mineral pigment and animal glue as its medium of painting. However, Taiwan is located in a subtropical region with high temperatures and humidity throughout the year, which is not conducive to collecting paintings on paper and silk. In addition, improper storage conditions have led to human damage or natural ageing, resulting in damage to the works.
Dragon Boat as the restored work cited in this paper is an Eastern gouache painting by Tsai Shiue-Shi in 1930, which was selected for the Fourth Taiwan Art Exhibition during the Japanese rule period and is one of the most important works in modern Taiwanese art history. The work is now in a private collection. The restoration of Dragon Boat has been studied to analyze its base material and pigment application and painting techniques, as well as to consider the appropriateness of color compensation in the restoration process. In addition, the research of the restoration of Dragon Boat; will provide an important basis for future research on the art of Tsai Shiue-Shi or the restoration of Eastern gouache paintings.

Speaker's biography
TONG PAK HENG HENRY is an M.A. student in The Department of Cultural Heritage Conservation at National Yunlin University of Science and Technology. His research interests focus on the Conservation and restoration of East Asian paintings. He currently works as a lecturer for the Yunlin County Community College and Eastern gouache artist.