Yathagan – Between Functionality and Aesthetic Expression

Author: Tina Tomšič
Mentor: Valentina Ljubić Tobisch, Senior Lecturer

MA in conservation-restoration
Arts Academy, University of Split

TOMSIC TinaSummary

The author of the lecture presents the  conservation and restoration works on one of the five scimitars from the collection of historical troops „Kliški uskoci“. Yataghans have served more as decorative weapons than for combat use, what can be deduced by their preservation. Part of the problem of the restoration procedure was related to the mechanical damage caused by  the influence of time, the most time was spent in the removal of  the improper repairs. Taking out the impurities and corrosion products that have negatively affected the aesthetic appearance of the weapon was the major work. Yataghan's gold plated surface (decorative  metal filigree surface) was afterwards covered with bronze coating which  speed up the process of corrosion . Previously shiny gilded surfaces of the subsequent intervention have lost its original appearance.


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