Problems in the Restoration of Small Burse Due to the Complex Structure

Author: Ana Vlašica
Mentors: Lucia Emanuele, PhD, Assistant Professor; Danijela Jemo, Teaching Assistant

Art and Restoration Department, University of Dubrovnik

VLASICA AnaSummary

Restoration of the burse, from the Annunciation Church on the island of Lokrum, has been a challenge due to the complex structure and a small size. The proposal of works given on the basis of defects and analysis of raw material composition is altered according to new findings. Materials and methods of their application were determined by peliminarnim researches. Work had started with partially separation of decorative tapes from the lining to consolidate gilt metal threads. Humidifying with ultrasonic humidifiers removed impurities and improved condition of tapes and velvet. Separation of the inner lining obtained complete picture of the structure. After wet cleaning of inner lining in a detergent bath with 30% OrvusTextile WA Paste (Gaylord) edges where consolidate with adhesive coated threads. The humidification of partially separated outer lining was performed with solution of 96% vol ethanol and distilled water in a ratio of 1:3. The edges are consolidated in the manner indicated above. Krepelin silk is set to external lining in the form of grid preserving the original fabric with minimal intervention. Triangular fabrics were moistened with already mentioned solution using a brush and cottoned sticks, defects were consolidated inserting the sandwiches of tulle sewn in an appropriate form. Lining of the edges on the front surface was strengthened with krepelin tapes and alternating straight stitch. The connection procedure of separate parts was complicated due to the complex structure and production procedures.


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