Exploration, Restoration and Conservation Work on the Remaining Inventory of The St. Jacob on Očura

Authors: Karlo Vučković and Petra Kovačević
Mentor: Zvjezdana Jembrih, MA, Assistant Professor

Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb 


The theme of this presentation is to review the performed research and conservation and restoration works on two polychrome wooden sculptures from the chapel of St. Jacob on Očura, with references to art history and conservation aspects related to this important pauline gothic-baroque church. During the years of neglect and a variety of devastation that followed the sacred edifice, its baroque inventory largely disappeared, and the remaining fragments are deployed and exposed to further deterioration. During our research we found, rescued, explore and conserve some of the sculptures, and their fate after the work is not yet certain. This presentation also points to the decline of the Croatian cultural heritage, and in the case of the remaining sculptures discusses finding possible solutions.


Click here to read Karlo Vučković's paper online, and follow this link to read Petra Kovačević's paper (Croatian only).

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