Conservation-Restoration Operations Performed on the Sculpture Horse and The Rider by Raul Goldoni

Authors: Marta Stanić and Neven Peko
Mentor: Renata Andjus

Art and Restoration Department, University of Dubrovnik 

PEKO Neven-STANIC MartaSummary

During the third year of the undergraduate study, students Marina Parić, Andrea Paula Rajić, Marta Stanić and Neven Peko, as part of their professional training, took part in the restoration of the sculpture Horse and the rider by Raul Goldoni. This is dimensionally the biggest Goldoni's work. The sculpture was meant to be exhibited in the lobby of the Hotel Libertas in Dubrovnik. During one of the shellings of Dubrovnik in the Homeland  War, the Hotel was seriously damaged and so was the Goldoni's sculpture inside it. After the end of the war came years upon years of inadequate storage wich made the state of the sculpture even worse. In this presentation will be shown the process of the restauration and the challenges that the students involved in the project  came upon.


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