Conservation-Restoration of a Modern and a Contemporary Painting

Author: Liza Lampič
Mentor: MA Barbka Gosar Hirci, assistant professor

Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana 


The presentation focuses on conservation and restoration of modern and contemporary paintings. Some characteristics of painting technology - materials and manner of execution - in modern and contemporary art are presented, along with difficulties that arise in working with paintings that were created in the last century. The importance of the environment in which artworks of this sort are kept, is also mentioned. These topics are introduced through the examples of conservation and restoration of two paintings: Third station of The Way of the Cross (1931, Church of Blessed Virgin Mary, Mengore) by the Slovene painter Tone Kralj and Helianthus (2009) by Blaž Vehovar. The paintings were chosen to portray the development of new materials and ways of artistic expression in the last century and the influence inappropriate climate has on their premature deterioration. Damage that has appeared on the artworks in question is partially the result of artists’ choices of materials and their (mis)use, and partially the consequence of conditions in which the paintings were kept.


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Short biographical note

Liza Lampič was born in 1988 in Ljubljana, where she enrolled in The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in 2007. During the course of her studies she spent a semester at Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences where she developed an interest for conservation and restoration of modern art. The subject of her bachelor’s thesis was conservation and restoration of a modern and a contemporary painting.