Making Replica of Stone Pluteus From St. Peter the Great in Dubrovnik

Author: Vedran Kundić
Mentors: Ivo Donelli, Associate Professor; Miona Miliša, Lecturer

MA in conservation-restoration
Arts Academy, University of Split
*Project realized in academic year 2011/2012*

KUNDIC VedranSummary

The pluteus was originally a part of the altar fence in front of the altar in the church of St. Peter the Great in Dubrovnik. At an unknown point of its history it leaves the original location  and is used secondarily as a mensa of the altar of Our Lady of Health (Gospe od zdravlja) in the  church of St. Nicholas in Dubrovnik. The reason for making replica of the pluteus, tracing traditional techniques and tools for carving stone, appeared for the purpose of calculating the  time needed for making this and similar stone artifacts. The process of making this replica is documented using the time-lapse and stop animation techniques, which is done to emphasise the benefits of the mentioned techniques in video documentation of conservation and restoration of art works in general.


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