Conservation and restoration of painting "The Adoration of the Three Kings"

Author: Petra Richter
Mentors: Tamara Ukrainčik, MA, Associate Professor; Andrej Aranicki, MA, Associate Professor

University of Zagreb, Academy of Fine Arts (Croatia)
Integrated study programme: Conservation and Restoration of Art
Specialization: Conservation-restoration of paintings, 5th study year  


RICHTER PetraThe theme of this presentation is conservation-restoration work on the painting The Adoration of the Three Kings. The painting is painted in oil on panel and it is the property of the Diocesan Museum in Zagreb.
The painting was in bad condition - damage had been sustained in all layers of the painting, with especially unstable zones where ground layer is separated from the wooden support, which has been damaged with woodworms.
To reduce the risk of futher loss, preventive measures (facing) was needed before starting conservation-restauration work. To find the best material for facing application and later removal, experiments were made on probes with imitations of all painting layers.
Following procedures were performed on the painting: preventive consolidation - facing, desinsection, analysis of microsamples, cleaning the verso of the painting, consolidation of the wooden board and painted layer, cleaning of the painted layer, restoration of the ground layer, retouching and varnishing.
The restoration work is accompanied by a thorough written, photographic and graphic documentation. Upon restoration the painting will be returned to Diocesan Museum in Zagreb.

Short biography

PETRA RICHTER  (Zagreb 1989) started the Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art study programme on the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2007. During her study she performs works on paintings from private collections (mentor T. Ukrainčik, MA), wooden polychromed sculptures from the Diocesan museum in Zagreb (mentors: Z. Jembrih, MA, A. Aranicki, MA) and on frescos in church of St. Silvestar in Oprtalj, Istria (mentor E. Budicin, MA).