Conservation and Restoration of the Poster "25 Juin 1916 journee Serbe" by Steinlen

Author: Jelena Simić
Mentors: Professor Svetislav Nikolić, MSc; Assistant Professor Tijana Lazić, MSc

Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade (Serbia)
Study programme: Conservation and Restoration
Specialization: Paintings and works of art on paper (5th year of study)

Simic JAbstract

The presentation is about the conservation and restoration of a poster from 1916; a lithograph by the famous French artist Steinlen that was brought from Corfu (Greece) in a roll. The dimensions of the poster are 114.5 cm × 77.5 cm.
The presentation covers the entire procedure of conservation and restoration, from the beginning to the end. That includes: thorough inspection of the object, investigative analysis, conservation-restoration treatment and the final presentation of the poster after the treatment. Practical work involved: mechanical removal of the support that the poster came with (it was glued to some kind of wallpaper), capillary washing of the poster (this technique of washing was used because the paper was very friable), drying, flattening and lining of the poster with Japanese paper, filling in of the missing parts and, finally, retouching.
At the end of the presentation, preventive conservation measures for the poster are proposed.

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NOTICE TO AUTHOR: The text has been proofread by Katarina Hraste, MSc, member of the Organizing Committee of the 12th International Conference of the Conservation-Restoration Studies.


Short biography

JELENA SIMIĆ successfully finished the undergraduate studies in conservation and restoration of paper and paintings at the Faculty of Applied arts in Belgrade, Serbia.  Also, she successfully finished the first semester of the Master’s programme, which includes internship at the Department for Paper Conservation and Restoration in the National Library of Serbia.