From Munich to Zagreb: Research and conservation of the painting "The Satyr and the Peasant" by Miroslav Kraljević

Author: Mirna Međeral
Mentor: Assoc. Professor Tamara Ukrainčik

Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb (Croatia)
Study programme: Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art
Specialization: Panel Painting (5th year of study)


Medjeral MThe presentation deals with a painting that Miroslav Kraljević, Croatian Modern painter, executed at Old Pinakothek in 1910, during his education in Munich. He copied a 17th century piece by Jacob Jordaens, The Satyr and the Peasant, which he subsequently sent to his homeland, to be sold there. More than a hundred years later, the painting arrived in the Department of Conservation of Works of Art – its darkened surface in desperate want of good old scrub. The meticulous research that followed unravelled interesting details and offered answers to most of the raised questions...
How and why was this stunning copy created? Who were the painting’s previous owners and how it ended up in the smoky room at the Academy? How to approach the problem of darkened varnish: by (effectively) removing it, or by (ethically) preserving it? The presentation offers an insight into the painting’s past and how it affected its present condition, and the decisions that had to be made during its conservation treatments.

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Short biography

MIRNA MEĐERAL was born in 1992, in Varaždin. Joyful years of her high school education were profligately spent at the School for Applied Arts and Crafts in Zagreb, where she earned her diploma by copying Holbein’s Portrait of Henry VIII.  She enrolled into the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2010, Department of Conservation of Works of Art.  She is currently working on her Master’s degree thesis "Conservation treatments carried out on the painting The Satyr and the Peasant by Miroslav Kraljević and copy as educational means", and is engaged on a project dealing with the attribution of possible Picasso’s works.