Explorers of The Lost Treasures of my Homeland: Conservation-restoration educational workshop for the youngest

Authors: Josipa Marić, Ivana Vukadin
Mentor: Senior Lecturer Joška-Tea Katunarić Kirjakov

Arts Academy, Split (Croatia)
Study programme: Integrated undergraduate and graduate course of study in conservation-restoration
Specialization: Archaeological heritage (4th year of study)


Maric VukadinIn June 2014 the authors participated in the workshop Explorers of The Lost Treasures of my Homeland, which was a part of the Ministry of Culture’s program Backpack (Full) of Culture. The project goal was to acquaint children, at the youngest age, with objects of cultural heritage and the basic methods of archaeological excavation, conservation-restoration treatments and the concept of live museum, in which children would participate as both curators and protagonists.
The workshop was devised by Joška-Tea Katunarić Kirjakov, senior lecturer at the Arts Academy in Split, and held in the local elementary school Dubrava. Three third-year conservation-restoration students and two third-year visual culture and visual art students participated. Students got the opportunity to get familiar with the educative part of the popularization of cultural heritage, while the children got acquainted with the work of archaeologists and conservators, and learned about the ancient periods of the local history. 
Children "excavated ancient remains", and thereafter identified, cleaned and reassembled them, recording them with drawings. They also made bows and arrows that were like the ones the emperor Diocletian used while hunting in the woods of Dubrava. Professor Katunarić Kirjakov introduced them to the way of life of the ancient residents of Dubrava.

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Short biographies

JOSIPA MARIĆ was born in Split in 1992. After having completed the School of Design, Graphic Art and Sustainable Development in 2011, she enrolled at the Conservation-restoration Department of the Arts Academy of Split. Since her freshman year she has worked on numerous objects provided by the Arts Academy and also performed various duties in the amphitheatre of Solin in the House of Parać for the Home of Culture Zvonimir. She is now a fourth-year student, specializing in conservation and restoration of archaeological heritage.

IVANA VUKADIN was born in Split in 1989. By graduating in the High School of Business and Economy she gained the occupation of an economist. In the period from 2007 to 2009 she studied art history and Croatian language and literature on the Faculty of Philosophy in Split. In 2011 she enrolled in the study of the Conservation-restoration Department of the Arts Academy of Split and in 2013 she decided to specialize in archaeological heritage. In the same year she took part in an archaeological campaign Gnalić and the action of documenting damage on the cemetary Kozala in Rijeka. In 2014 she participated in an conservation-restoration workshop in the House of Parać at the amphitheater in Salona. She is currently a fourth-year student.