Conservation and Restoration of Military "Shako" Hat

Author: Petar Nevžala
Mentors: Danijela Jemo, PhD, MA; Mateo Miguel Kodrič Kesovia, Assistant Lecturer

University of Dubrovnik, Department of Art and Restoration (Croatia)
Study programme: Conservation-Restoration (graduate study programme)
Specialization: Textile (2nd year of the Master's programme)


Petar NevzalaThe project deals with the conservation and restoration of military "Shako" hat, an interesting 3D multilayer artefact that belongs to the Varaždin City Museum and dates from the time of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. The conservation of the object is being carried out in the workshop for textile conservation-restoration at the University of Dubrovnik. The conservation itself is still in progress and will represent a master thesis topic. The presentation will discuss about the goals of conservation-restoration treatment, the up to date treatment, but also include art historical research and development of „Shako" hat, its different forms, markings, colours, ranking, etc. Specific issues, analysis and actions taken on the object, like identification of fibres, decomposition of some parts of the object, dry and wet cleaning, choice of adequate material, dyeing of support fabrics and consolidation techniques, will be thoroughly documented and elaborated step by step. Some future plans, such as the making of a construction for object display, will also be mentioned. All the work is being carried out under the mentorship of Danijela Jemo, senior assistant and Mateo Miguel Kodrič Kesovija, assistent. 

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Short biography

PETAR NEVŽALA was born in Varaždin on February 10, 1992. He finished highschool for interior design in Čakovec. He participated with his finishing work (desk of his own design) on Society of innovators exhibition "IDIVA 2011". With his volleyball team he won the National Junior Championship season 2008/2009. He finished 3 years of bachelor study programme on University Dubrovnik in specialization of conservation-restoration of textile. For the purpose of practical lessons he worked as a subcontractor at the City Museum Varaždin and  the Croatian Conservation Institute. On his first year of master's programme he participated in Erasmus exchange programme at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna (winter semester 2014-2015). He is the recipient of "A" scholarship for excellent success in academic year 2014-2015. Now he is a second year student on master programme at the Department of conservation and restoration of textile, University of Dubrovnik.