Conservation and Restoration of the Wall Painting Representing the Scene "The Shooting of Crucified Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian"

Author: Ana Grđan
Mentor: Neva Pološki, MA, Assistant Professor

Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb (Croatia)
Study programme: Integrated undergraduate and graduate course of study in conservation-restoration of works of art
Specialization: Paintings (5th year of study)


GRDJAN AnaThe baroque wall painting representing the scene The Shooting of Crucified Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian was investigated and subjected to various tests with the aim of developing an appropriate conservation-restoration concept. The final goal was to reestablish structural and aesthetical integrity of the damaged painting; overpainted, destabilized by cavities and intersected by shallow scratches in the intonaco. Performing the tests in situ, special attention was given to the selection of the appropriate cleaning methodology for various extraneous materials, starting from dry cleaning methods and then proceeding with chemical substances such as AB 57, ammonium carbonate and cation exchange resin. Besides the aforementioned researches and laboratory investigations of original and added materials, tests were also conducted in the OKIRU workshop. Simulations of scratches were done on plastered test plates. They were filled with different plasters recipes and textured to match the adjacent surface. The plaster which enabled appropriate surface treatment was chosen to be used on site. Various recipes of different injection materials (lime and quartz sand, CaLoSil "paste-like", CalXnova and PLM-AL) were also tested. Researches included material shrinkage, flow properties and the capability to fill object-specific cavities. The established conservation-restoration concept was applied in situ, with great care given to application methodology.

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Short biography

ANA GRĐAN (Zagreb, 1992) started her study at the Department for Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art on the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2010. During her study, she worked on the canvas painting Portrait of Thomas M. by Živko Petrović and its decorative gilded, wooden frame (mentor: T. Ukrainčik, MA, Assoc. Prof.). She participated in conservation treatments of wooden polychrome sculpture of Unknown saint from parish church St. Rocco in Lešće na Dobri (mentor: Z. Jembrih, MA, Assoc. Prof.). She participated in conservation works of medieval wall painting at the church St. Mary of Pond in Gologorica (mentor: N. Pološki, MA, Assist. Prof.).