Conservation and restoration of an oleography

Author: Tea Borovina
Mentor: Tanja Dujaković, mag. art., Assistant

Department of Art and Restoration, University of Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Study programme: Graduate Study of Conservation and Restoration
Specialization: Paper (2nd year of study)

BOROVINA TeaAbstract

The theme of this presentation is conservation and restoration of an oleography, which dates back to 19th century, and depicts the 3rd station of the cross – Jesus falls the first time. The object is part of a unit of altogether 14 oleographs, each of them showing one station of the cross. Some of them had already been restored, while others are still in the process of restoration. One of the restored oleographs will be presented here. The presentation will show complete process of a restoration treatment on the object. It will include examination of the object together with the analysis, which are done prior to any treatment. Furthermore, it will show the complete treatment (including tools and materials used) and explain each step that needs to be undertaken to preserve the object in the best possible way.

Short biography

TEA BOROVINA was born in Dubrovnik, July 5th 1991. She started the Conservation and Restoration of Art study programme on the University of Dubrovnik in 2012. During her study, she carried out variety of works on both paper (prints, books, drawings, aquarelle) and parchment materials. During the Undergraduate Study, she attended practical lessons in Palazzo Spinelli Institute, in Florence. She defended her graduation thesis on the topic "Historical Development of Cartography, and Conservation – Restoration of a map Regni Hungariae at Regionum". During the graduate study, she has spent one semester at the University of Antwerpen, Belgium as an exchange student. She has been enrolled at the Department of Design Sciences, course Conservation and Restoration of paper. During her mobility period, she has successfully finished practical Internship on the topic "Preventive Conservation of Photo Albums", as well as Independent Practical Project on the topic "Restoration and Conservation of Japanese Woodblock Prints".