Conservation and Restoration Procedures on Magnate Jewellery of Rudolf Normann von Ehrenfels

Author: Ivan Gnjec
Mentor: Marta Stanić, Teaching Assistant

Department of Art and Restoration, University of Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Study programme: First-Cycle Bachelor's Programme of Study in Conservation-Restoration
Specialization: Metal (3rd year of study)

GNJEC IvanAbstract

The presentation concerns the conservation and restoration works on the magnate jewellery of Count Rudolf Normann von Ehrenfels. This particular magnate jewellery consists of a box with  a sword in a scabbard,  large buttons, small buttons, spurs, a hat buckle and parts of a belt. The objects are in the possession of the Museum of Slavonia in Osijek. Their  pre-treatment  condition, the conservation-restoration  treatment proposals and the works carried out to date are presented here. The subject is interesting due to the fact that this group of objects consists of many small items. After the spot test for gold had been performed, mechanical, chemical and electrolytic cleaning took place. The focus of the presentation is on interventions such as  electrolytic cleaning and gilding.

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Short biography

IVAN GNJEC was born at Metković, on July 28, 1996. He comes  from Krvavac, a small place in the vicinity of Metković, where he finished elementary school. He also finished elementary music school at Metković. He attended Fra Andrija Kačić- Miošić High School at Ploče, graduating in tourism management. After high school, he enrolled into the Conservation and Restoration Program of Study of the University of Dubrovnik, which he is still attending.