Conservation-restoration Works on the Two-light Window (Bifora) from the First Storey of the Papalić Palace (Split City Museum)

Authors: Jure Balić and Vinko Lipanović
Mentors: Ivo Donelli, Full Professor; Siniša Bizjak, Assistant Professor

Department of Conservation-Restoration, Arts Academy of the University of Split (Croatia)
Study programme: Integrated undergraduate and graduate course of study in conservation-restoration
Specialization: Stone (4th year of study)


The authors present conservation and restoration works carried out on the Gothic two-light window (bifora) from the first storey of the Great Papalić Palace, now in the care of Split City Museum. The builder of the Papalić Palace was Giorgio da Sebenico and the palace belongs to the Venetian type of residential architecture. The presentation gives a detailed survey of the pre-treatment condition of the bifora’s stone elements, including surface deposits and damages. Some of the most notable damages to the stone plastics take form of black crusts and cracks caused by static problems and the expansion of corroded metal elements. For the purposes of a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the present salts, stone samples were taken and processed in the laboratory. The ensuing conservation – restoration intervention involved mechanical cleaning of the stone surface, followed by the stabilisation of harmful salts. All of the corroded metal elements were removed.

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Short biographies

JURE BALIĆ was born on April 16, 1995, at Split, Croatia. From 2009 till 2014 he attended the School of Fine Arts in Split where he finished the painting course. In 2014 he enrolled into the Academy of Fine Arts, Split, where he is currently getting his MA degree in stone conservation.

VINKO LIPANOVIĆ was born on December 15, 1994, at Split, Croatia. From 2008 till 2013 he attended the Stone Masons’ School at Pučišća. In 2014 he enrolled into the Academy of Fine Arts, Split, where he is currently getting his MA degree in stone conservation.

They were both part of numerous stone restoration projects such as the Conservation – restoration of a statue of the Emperor Augustus at Narona, the Conservation – restoration of the marble head of Faustina the Younger, the conservation – restoration of Valerius Crescncia and Anastasia Crescencia sarcophagus from Salona.