Research on flexible gap fillers for wooden objects, based on the work of Mintrop

Author: Anna Pilarski
Mentor: Professor Dipl.- Rest. Volker Schaible, Head of Institution

Stuttgart State Academy of Art and DesignPILARSKI Anna (Germany)
Study programme: Conservation and Restoration of Art
Specialization: Conservation-restoration of easel paintings and polychrome sculptures, 6th semester  


For different reasons it can be necessary to fill gaps and cracks in wooden objects. There are numerous materials and recipes for different filling-systems which are used in conservation and restoration. Mintrop (1997) tested thermoplastic and elastomeric binders with various extenders to receive an elastic wood-filler which doesn't prevent the wood from swelling and shrinking. The oral presentation focuses on these wood fillers, their workability and suitability in conservation by own practical experiences.

Short biography

ANNA PILARSKI  (born 1989 in Kaiserslautern, Germany) studies conservation and restoration of easel paintings and polychrome sculptures at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design since 2011. Currently she works on her Bachelor Thesis with the subject of the conservation and restoration of a medieval wing from the Riedener Altar. As part of several internships she worked together with the National Gallery of Baden, the State Conservation Department of Baden- Württemberg, the Saarlandmuseum and the Conservation Studio Pracher. Member of VdR, Germany.